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  • An Automatic Rotary Type Bottles Rinsing machine with 12, 16 & 24 spraying heads.
  • Body construction with good grade stainless steel AISI 304 material.
  • Machine designed with 'Constant Spraying with water or clean air' system.
  • Machine is also complete with safety cover.


Empty bottles are feed to the gripper heads by transfer from starwheel. The stainless steel gripper head will grip the bottle neck and overturn the bottle 180° gradually so that bottle mouth will be directly on top of the spray nozzle. Only in this moment and only in the presence of bottle, there will be rinse solution injection into the overturned bottle. The high pressure of the rinse solution injected into the turned bottle will flush out particles or objects present in the bottle.

After the end of injection operation, the bottle will be in dripping phase for dripping rinse solution still in the bottle. Upon completion of dripping phase, the gripper head will turn gradually for 180o and place bottle back to up-right position before arriving at the exit starwheel.

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